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I am a collector with an interest in recording as much as possible about whatever I am studying.  I have found the journal Random Notes a magnificent source of information about Saudi Arabian philately and believe that all facts, no matter how small and perhaps insignificant, should be recorded in publications such as this.


I try to collect examples of all aspects of Saudi Arabian philately, but I suppose it is fair to say that my main interest is in the Makkah Arms series .  This includes not only the issues of Hijaz and Najd, but also those overprinted for use in Transjordan.  Coming a close second, is my interest in Saudi Arabian forgeries.  I am currently working on a Forgeries Manual that will expand the knowledge provided by the original APA Forgeries Manual produced in the 1980s.


As a side interest, I started collecting the revenue stamps relating to the Hijaz Railway and this has opened up a whole new world.  The different aspects of this subject are numerous, but I hope to form a collection that does justice to it.


The time available to maintain this site is limited.  Apart from my collection, I am a member of the Royal Philatelic Association London, the editor of Random Notes, the journal of the Arabian Philatelic Association International.  I also serve as the Membership Secretary and Auctioneer for OPAL (The Oriental Philatelic Association of London).  Apart from that, there is my full-time job as a computer programmer, a wife, pets and home called The Weatherings.

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