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Caliphate forgery 3



A. Reference Manual of Saudi Arabian Forgeries

B. Random Notes #30

While reference A provides a sample illustration and a brief description of the forgery, reference B provides a more complete picture of this forgery. The information supplied on this page is designed to supplement reference B and should therefore be viewed with that in mind. It is based on several blocks of 12 stamps showing full overprint plate with each block showing the non-constant variety 'missing date' in position 9. It is therefore possible that some of the features found in each of these blocks, although appearing to be constant varieties, are not.


The illustration of the complete plate shows that the positions of the single dot of DH and the joined dots of T, vary more in their relative position to each other and also in relation to the character K, than is possibly inferred by reference B.  Note also that in position 10, the letter A is much lower than in all of the other positions.

In the sample, this forgery plate appeared on the following genuine stamps:

½,  1½, 2, 3 (brown) and 5 qirsh.

It also appeared on the 1/8 and 1 qirsh values of the so-called 'reprint' forgeries.




The complete plate of 12 cliches