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Share Skills and Knowledge

This page contains a list of members with special skills or knowledge, or those wishing to exchange knowledge with other members.   Contact must be made initially through the contact page on this site.

If you have skills to share or wish to contact members with similar interests, contact OPAL giving details of what you have to offer or the subjects in which you are interested.  In particular, I would be interested in hearing from members with linguistic skills who would be willing to translate documents, either in part or in whole.  If you can help with translation, please indicate whether a fee would be charged for the service; the amount charged is not required for this page.

Most recent requests come first:

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Rob Waugh
I am interesed in Paul Gaudin, the Hodeidah Sanaa railway. PG worked on the Hejaz as commercial director 1905-8. I have 10 or so covers relating to him. Have you anything about him ?
I have a number of Imam Seal Yemen covers both triangular and oblong . I would like to have the Yemeni-arabic addresses translated into English. Can anyone help?
Bjorn Sohrne
Would like contact with members collecting North Yemen up to about 1945.
Rainer Fuchs
Would like contact with collectors having following interests:
The Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa, Iraq - the Railway stamps form 1928 - ca. 1942, Iran/Persia - The first, so-called Lion Issue.
Interested outside the scope of OPAL:
Tibet, the local issues 1912 - 1959/60
Nepal, the classic Khukris issues
Colombia, the semi official Express carrier stamps
SCADTA / Colombia, the provisional registration stamps from the 1921 issue.
Willy Pijnenburg
Would like contact with members having the following interests:
Ottoman Empire stamps, letters, postmarks, fiscals, Greece, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Albania.
Also doing research into kacak and sehir overprints
Martin Lovegrove
Would like contact with members having the following interests:
Hejaz Railway revenues and documents
Saudi Arabia stamps, revenues and documents