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Survey of Egypt Essays


The story of the design and issue of the first postage stamps for the Hijaz is described in an illustrated book prepared by the Survey of Egypt.

Two hundred named and numbered copies were presented and a further one hundred un-numbered copies were produced.  My copy is one of the latter; its discovery was a story in itself.  In the words of the lucky finder:

I found this book in a large lot of TIBET and BRITISH INDIA used abroad material I had purchased for cancels. As the cover of this book ( front and back ) are the same with no wording, I decided to scan the page with the stamps for the eBay photo.

What I believe happened with this book is it was just thrown in a box lot by the auction house. Most of the items in the lot took some research to i.d. This is where the internet really helps out. As I remember it was a mail auction lot from DOWNEAST STAMPS in Maine.